Shawn Hines Webdesign is a sole-proprietorship focused on small, local businesses, musicans, and non-profits.

Founded in 2006, this company grew out of a love for building websites. After designing and building his own website in 1999, Shawn Hines discovered a new passion for HTML and ActionScript. In the beginning, it was a "friends and family" business - mostly developing websites for friends and colleagues. As word spread, it became an increaingly viable option to offer web design services to local businesses, musicians, and non-profits as a side business. Shawn Hines Webdesign reamins today a small business helping small businesses. Keeping our business small allows us to offer more personalized service and to really get to know the needs of our clients. We offer template personalization, web-hosting, and search engine optimization services. Web-hosting is free for 6 months with any website design or template purchase.

You have enough work running your business, finding clients, and gigs. Let Shawn Hines Webdesign & SEO handle your web presence needs.


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